Monday, October 26, 2009

FreeStyle...I gets it poppin

Everywhere I walk burst
into flames.
I got too many fans,I don need to know names.
this girl pointed meh out like who iz yuh,
I'm like yuh should know trick
But I'll inform yuh.
Im dhe baddest bitch around
Claiming and runnin dis town
Im 5 star trick
Listen and get dis.
Imma Diva best believe ah
money maker, booty shaker
hip rocker, back popper
Yuh can try but yuh cant stop er
Yuh may think but yuh caint knock er
Imma yella bone bad freak
big on nerds i stay geeked
Mah mans a jerk he stay jerkin
Ya girl here a flirt she stay flirtin
And dem girls who trip
i got dirt on dem
so if i waz dey...
i really wouldn't.

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