Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i love this line....

and it go....


Monday, December 14, 2009

huh?? if im a b*tch ass slutty side jawn...then what do dhat makes yuh when
Iim #1 on his list??
HOnestly..yur not making meh angry...
Juz stressin meh out..
Really bout to f*ck her upp...
&& whoz gonna stop meh..??
Her SO CALLED mann told meh to go for iht..
He sick of her Ass to..(even though she dun got none..HA)

Ihtz me Bitxes!

lolz..iIm so unkind ihtll blow ones mind lolz(drizzy) short(ugh)lol...and so onn...idk..iim always mixed..and ppl callz meh noodlez..
NOODLEZ!! lol..iim finna be the first REAL nicki minaj.,so dun hate cuz ii got game and ii gotz a NATURAL body..lolz..
I hate fake bit*hes!! yo they effn IRK mah nerves..and make meh turn into more of a jerk than i am...
HONESTLY....iz iht mah fault if i talk to ya EX and he dun like yuh no more..when yall neva went out to begin wiff???? and whenn im wayy cuter than yuh..mah ass is bigger...and yehh!! so wtf is yuh sayin???
Wht the f*ck is yuh comin @ meh fa???

"...I dun even know why yuh even bother meh at this point..
I mean its mehh!! I win yuh lose!!!" --Nicki Minaj

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I feel soo...idk but people think im not capable...this makes me angry..

Its odee

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Friday, December 4, 2009


Heyy mi nombre es Jasmine Nicolle!! Im black,white, and

Follow mah post please...and..

FACEBOOK: Jasmine Nicolle Doyle.

Text MEH @: 302-312-9637

Love it all lol.


To redo the forever
Imma do iht and kill it..and den say i told you soo!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Electronic Press Kit


going out with Daneil Antwan of 11/17/09...but i thinkx im in loovvee with someone else...haven felt dis way in forever....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Stop Trippin and Tie ya Shoes
I betchya wouldnt trip
if ya laces werent loosed
Im B-A-D
bad datz meh
Lil Mama Sexy
Im not 5 star
i done toppped dha charts
girly so beautiful
I can break ya heart
this is not the end kus i only jus start-ed
me is to rare like Lil Wayne is to martian
Weezy phone dis home
When yuhz approach dis chickie,
Keyword is caution.
Cuz im a lil silly, and my game a lil illie
Im worth like way more than a millie
On air? i really dont care
Life jus isnt fair
My swagg so stupid make all dese Trickxes stare
get all up in my hair.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

FreeStyle...I gets it poppin

Everywhere I walk burst
into flames.
I got too many fans,I don need to know names.
this girl pointed meh out like who iz yuh,
I'm like yuh should know trick
But I'll inform yuh.
Im dhe baddest bitch around
Claiming and runnin dis town
Im 5 star trick
Listen and get dis.
Imma Diva best believe ah
money maker, booty shaker
hip rocker, back popper
Yuh can try but yuh cant stop er
Yuh may think but yuh caint knock er
Imma yella bone bad freak
big on nerds i stay geeked
Mah mans a jerk he stay jerkin
Ya girl here a flirt she stay flirtin
And dem girls who trip
i got dirt on dem
so if i waz dey...
i really wouldn't.


School is cool....But why do dudes wit girls keep comin @ meh????