Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Stop Trippin and Tie ya Shoes
I betchya wouldnt trip
if ya laces werent loosed
Im B-A-D
bad datz meh
Lil Mama Sexy
Im not 5 star
i done toppped dha charts
girly so beautiful
I can break ya heart
this is not the end kus i only jus start-ed
me is to rare like Lil Wayne is to martian
Weezy phone dis home
When yuhz approach dis chickie,
Keyword is caution.
Cuz im a lil silly, and my game a lil illie
Im worth like way more than a millie
On air? i really dont care
Life jus isnt fair
My swagg so stupid make all dese Trickxes stare
get all up in my hair.

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