Monday, December 14, 2009

Ihtz me Bitxes!

lolz..iIm so unkind ihtll blow ones mind lolz(drizzy) short(ugh)lol...and so onn...idk..iim always mixed..and ppl callz meh noodlez..
NOODLEZ!! lol..iim finna be the first REAL nicki minaj.,so dun hate cuz ii got game and ii gotz a NATURAL body..lolz..
I hate fake bit*hes!! yo they effn IRK mah nerves..and make meh turn into more of a jerk than i am...
HONESTLY....iz iht mah fault if i talk to ya EX and he dun like yuh no more..when yall neva went out to begin wiff???? and whenn im wayy cuter than yuh..mah ass is bigger...and yehh!! so wtf is yuh sayin???
Wht the f*ck is yuh comin @ meh fa???

"...I dun even know why yuh even bother meh at this point..
I mean its mehh!! I win yuh lose!!!" --Nicki Minaj

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